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Libano-Suisse at Common Fest

Libano-Suisse at Common Fest
07.05.2015 - 10.05.2015
Place: la Magnanerie Beirut
A blend of Arts from Lebanon to the world

Libano-Suisse took part in Common Fest held at la Magnanerie. Common Fest is an arts and cultural public event with a culinary dimension which aims to create a link between Lebanon & The Global Arts Scene (7th to 10th of May, at la Magnanerie Beirut)

As a firm supporter of diverse creative, artistic and cultural activities since our foundation more than 55 years ago, we believe passionately that culture is a way to build bridges between communities, and between our country and the world.

With this in mind, we have been proud to sponsor “Common Fest”, as a celebration of art and community that opens a world of opportunities for Lebanon and its creative talents.

A dedicated Performance by the Artisit Xavier Gonzalez Arnau (d’Egara) was held on Saturday night the 9th and brought by Libano-Suisse.
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