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Do you find your favorite hobby relaxing? Exhilarating? Rewarding?

All of these benefits can disappear in the blink of an eye if you don’t consider Hunting Third Party Liability insurance.

What exactly is Hunting Third Party Insurance? Here is what every hunter needs to know.

If you are a hunter or considering becoming one, there are three facts you are probably aware of:

  • 1-Hunting is regulated by the Ministry of Environment which officially opens and ends hunting seasons and determines what and where you can hunt
  • 2-You need a hunting permit to comply with the regulations
  • 3-The licensing process requires mandatory Third Party Liability Insurance

While you might think they are a hindrance, these regulations aim to allow you to practice your hobby safely while protecting the environment. 


Passing the test proves that you can handle the hunting weapon. But accidents can still happen and injure people and/or cause damage to their properties. If you are at fault, you will be legally liable to pay any resultant expenses, which could be costly. The policy protects you from having to bear such costs as well as ensures that funds are available to treat the injured party or indemnify them for the damage to or loss of their property.



Cover must remain in force for the duration of your hunting permit, noting that it only applies during official hunting seasons and for accidents resulting exclusively from hunting.

No. A Third Party Liability pays any amounts (within the limits of the policy of course) that you will be legally liable to pay to others for causing them harm.


By virtue of Decree 11987, dated 05/06/2014, the minimum amounts are as follows:



Limits (LBP)


  • 1-Bodily Injury



  • a-Death



  • b-Permanent Total Disability



  • c-Permanent Partial Disability

Up to 40,500,000

Percentages depending on injury

  • d-Medical Treatment Costs



  • 2-Material Damage


Including harm to third parties’ animals (such as, but not limited to hunting dogs, cattle or poultry)

  • 3-Bodily Injury and Material Damage


Aggregate limit for the policy period

Not at all. In fact, considering the covers and limits provided, this is one of the least expensive policies out there. The policy can be obtained for as little as LBP75,000


To the contrary. Arranging cover is but a click away!

When you stay compliant with the proper permits, and avoid losing everything to a liability suit, the time you spend outdoors can be every bit as enjoyable as you intended. No matter how much experience you have, life and nature are unpredictable. Request quote online. No hunter is truly safe without third party liability insurance.  


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