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Libano-Suisse Partnership with Beirut Art Center

Libano-Suisse Partnership with Beirut Art Center
01.01.2015 - 01.01.2015
Libano-Suisse has the pleasure to announce the new partnership with Beirut Art Center, a space and platform dedicated to cotemporary art in Lebanon whereas Libano-Suisse team, clients and partners are entitled to guided visits and knowledge enhancement in modern arts.

We regard the Beirut Art Center (BAC) and Exposure as important initiatives that help to foster this spirit in Lebanon. Libano-Suisse has always been a firm supporter of all kinds of creative, artistic and cultural activities since our foundation fifty-five years ago.

Following on from our 2012 sponsorship of the Gerhard Richter exhibition, we are immensely thrilled to extend further cooperation through our partnership with Beirut Art Center and our support to Exposure 2014, which will give us the opportunity to play a role in encouraging emerging art to flourish.

Through Exposure 2014 we are invited to discover new talents, diverse voices and fresh perspectives that contribute to making Lebanon a vibrant scene. Our support for these up-and-coming artists is symbolic of our commitment to building a prosperous future. By encouraging young generations to pursue their dreams, we are helping to safeguard our culture, which acts as a true reflection of our freedom, vitality and belief in a better tomorrow.

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