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Libano-Suisse Team Bonding Day

Libano-Suisse Team Bonding Day
23.09.2015 - 23.09.2015

Honoring the company’s staff members and brokers is an integral part of Libano-Suisse’s strategy that goes beyond the insurance profession to continuously support a diverse range of social, cultural and musical activities. It was with this in mind that in the presence of His Excellency the Minister of Tourism and Chairman of the Libano-Suisse Board of Directors Mr. Michel Pharaon and his son, Pierre, 250 staff members of Libano-Suisse and brokers headed to Ain Zhalta village, in the Chouf District, to spend a day full of entertainment and sports activities in breathtaking natural scenery, and to enjoy the fresh air amidst a joyful atmosphere.

At the beginning of the day CEO Mr. Lucien Letayf welcomed Libano-Suisse members and officially launched the team activities, which ranged from tug of war to darts games, ping-pong and baby-foot, among others. Singing of traditional Arabic tarab songs, with a band made up of Libano-Suisse staff members, and breakfast and lunch in a spectacular outdoor setting were also among the many pleasures of the day.

During his speech and in an appreciative gesture to Libano-Suisse staff, and to the CEO Mr. Lucien Letayf in particular, Minister Pharaon expressed his deep gratitude for the efforts exerted to uphold Libano-Suisse’s position at home and abroad, amidst the fierce competition as a result of globalization.

At the end of the day, and with the participation of Mr. Pierre Michel Pharaon, Mr. Lucien Letayf gave out gold, silver and bronze medals to the winning teams. A drawing of lots followed to award prizes to staff members. Later, all attendees, without exception, received token gifts. Finally, everyone took to the dance floor. It is safe to say that such a day in Ain Zhalta was a true manifestation of the slogan "Team Bonding Day".

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